Free Coaching Advice From Pro Cycling Coaching (PCC)

Posted 7th March 2019
Free Coaching Advice From Pro Cycling Coaching (PCC)

The David Reid Homes Grafton to Inverell is very pleased to announce a partnership with Pro Cycling Coaching.

They are offering a complimentary consultation (30 min call) with a world class cycling coach to assist participants in preparing for the demands of the 228km event.


The consultation can cover a variety of topics including:

  • Learning the training principles of preparation for Grafton to Inverell
  • Discussing your nutritional plan and what can be improved for higher performance and better recovery
  • Discussing your racing strategy
  • How to fine tune your preparation in the few days leading up to the race
  • How to arrive well rested and in peak condition for the race
  • Learning more about custom built coaching programs

Pro Cycling Coaching is also offering participants an exclusive 15% discount for anyone wanting to get the full benefits from their coaching services.

Visit the Grafton to Inverell page on their website to book a FREE consultation.