Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a Race licence to enter?

You need to have an AusCycling ‘Race All Discipline’ licence or an AusCycling ‘One Day Event Licence‘ (Non-NRS event only).


  • Can individual rider entries be re-allocated as a team entry?

Riders who have entered as individuals can be allocated to a team prior to the event closing date. Please contact AusCycling with the team name and the rider/s details. Please note that each rider in the team must be eligible for the category that the team has nominated for.


  • If I am unable to attend the Friday afternoon registration, can I still register prior to the race start?

Registration on Friday afternoon is strongly encouraged. However, if you are unable to attend, late registration will be available at the Crown Hotel (adjacent to the start line) between 6am and 6.45am on Saturday morning.


  • Can I get someone to register for me on Friday afternoon?

No, each rider will be required to sign the start list. If you are unable to attend, late registration will be available at the Crown Hotel (adjacent to the start line) between 6am and 6.45am on Saturday morning. Please ensure you have read the Technical Guide (available on the website) prior to starting the race.


  • Is it possible for someone to drive my vehicle to Inverell on Saturday as I don’t have any supporters?

Under some circumstances this is possible. Please contact us at with this request.


  • Is it possible to transport my feed bags to the supporter feed station and have someone assist with feeding?

Riders who do not have a supporter to assist with feeding at the feed stations can arrange for their ‘feed bags’ to be delivered to the stations ahead of the race and event staff will assist with feeding. The feed bags must be clearly marked with the rider’s surname, race number, race category and relevant feed station location (e.g. Mt Mitchell or Glen Innes). The bags must be dropped off at the event registration desk no later than 6.45am on Saturday morning.


  • Is it possible to get transport back to Grafton after the race?

Limited places are available for transport back to Grafton on Sunday morning with event personnel. Please contact us at to reserve a spot.


  • Is it possible to transport my bags and belongings to Inverell?

Your bags and belongings can be transported in an event vehicle to the finish line in Inverell. Please contact us at so we can arrange a vehicle. Ensure that your bags are clearly labelled.


  • Can I transfer my entry to another person?

This will be assessed on an individual basis prior to the entry closing date. Please contact AusCycling. No transfer of entries will be permissible after the entries have closed.


  • Is there a refund if I have to withdraw prior to the race?

All refunds are in accordance with the AusCycling Refund Policy. Please contact AusCycling for details.


  • Can Junior riders take part in the event?

Junior Under 19 riders can enter the Grafton to Inverell Pairs Relay, Mt Mitchell to Inverell Open and the Lake Inverell Open Circuit Race.

Under 17 riders can enter the Lake Inverell Open Circuit Race.

Please note that gear restrictions apply to Junior riders even when riding in combined racing.