David Reid Homes Australasia is proud to be supporting this iconic Classic…Australia’s toughest one day race!

Posted 23rd March 2018

David Reid Homes Australasia draw on their passion for cycling and the similarity to the building game.  They are very proud to be supporting Australia’s Toughest Classic…….

Cycling is a team event.  How?  Let’s face it, there is only one winner!  For those who don’t understand cycling it looks just like that!

So, just how is it a team sport?  It has a team leader, the favourite! Maybe they suit the terrain, maybe they’re the fittest, maybe they have winning the Grafton to Inverell as their goal.

The team all have roles, with the aim to get their leader over the line first!  It is a tactical game, where being race savvy is a bonus! Can you read the race when you’re in the race?… do you know when to attack, …do you know the course well? …Can you sacrifice yourself for your team, till there is nothing left in the tank?

Building is much like cycling.  There is one company.  But many in the team.  There is the team who see the vision before it leaves the paper.  They want to bring it to life. There is those who do bring it to life, those who have special skills in carpentry, in plumbing, in electrical, in plastering and so on.  They come in and do their bit to result in a house that is exceptional.  Only one winner, the client!

At David Reid Homes our teams are exceptional and that is what makes our homes quality.   We are multi award winning builders that make up a team of franchisees called David Reid Homes.  We understand that we can’t get someone into their home without a team behind us.  We are leaders that respect those who are working toward helping them create a client’s dream home.

Winning the Grafton to Inverell doesn’t ‘just happen’.  Nor does good design and quality ‘just happen’ in building.

It takes a team of focused and deliberate moves to have happy clients.  Service is foremost.  Service is the communication between team and client, like communication between a coach or a Director with his or her cyclists.  Absolutely required!

No Grafton to Inverell is ever the same, and neither are our houses!

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