Division Races

Division Races

The Grafton to Inverell Cycle Classic is Australia’s toughest one day cycling race and is an iconic event on the national cycling calendar. At 228km with 3382m of climbing, including the formidable 17km climb of the Gibraltar Range, it takes riders through the beautiful Clarence Valley and New England Highlands of northern NSW. It has been long regarded as one of the most prestigious races in the country and past winners and participants boasts many riders who have Olympic Games and Tour de France success.

The Grafton to Inverell Classic caters for competitive cyclists of all levels (over U19) by offering the opportunity to participate in the Men’s Division 2 or Mixed Division 3 events (incorporating the Grafton to Inverell des Femmes).

The format of racing is similar to the major international events around the world with the riders accompanied by police and event support, team and media vehicles throughout the event. Riders in each division compete for ‘Sprint’ and ‘King of the Mountain’ points and prizes at designated locations on the course. There will also be a Team Classification and a prize for the Most Attacking Rider in each Division.

Entry Fee

Individual Entry
Early bird – $210 (enter before 20 March 2022)
Normal – $244 (closing date 24 April 2022)


Team Entry (4 riders)
Early bird – $800 (enter before 20 March 2022)
Normal – $940 (closing date 24 April 2022)


Riders will be allocated into their division by the NSW State Handicapper. Consultation with the relevant state association will be made for interstate riders. Division allocation will be based on ensuring a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 150 riders in each division to meet logistical and safety requirements.

Riders will be allocated into their Division on the basis of the following eligibility:

Men’s Division 2: NSW Grading – B 1-3, C 1-3; QLD Grading – Elite A and B, Masters A and B; Other States – equivalent grading

Mixed Division 3: NSW Grading – D1-3, E1-3, F1-3, G1-3; QLD Grading – Elite C, Masters C and D, Women B, C and D; Other States – equivalent grading

** Riders must ensure that their current state grading is correct (visit the website or contact your state association for details). If you are not currently graded, please apply to be graded through your state association prior to the event closing date.

Due to permit restrictions, the race has a cut-off time of 5.10pm for all competitors that correlates to an average minimum speed of 24km/h. A Sag Wagon will travel behind the race at all times and has been instructed to reach key points on the course at set times. ’Pace Riders’ will be out on the course to assist riders in completing the event before the 9hrs 30 mins cut-off time


Teams will consist of four riders. Each rider in the team must be eligible for the Division that the team has nominated for. A team may request permission from AC NSW to upgrade a Division 3 ranked rider/s into a Division 2 team. Division 2 ranked riders cannot ride for a Division 3 team. The team time will be determined from the aggregate time of the first three team members to finish. There will be a prize for the first team to finish in Division 2 and Division 3.


Friday 6 May 2022 4:00pm – 6:00pm – Toast Espresso, Prince St, Grafton.

Start Time

Men’s Division 2 – 7.25am
Mixed Division 3 – 7.35am


1st -8th Overall Places
King (Queen) of the Mountain Classification
Sprint Classification
Team Classification
Most Attacking Rider

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